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Over a Decade of Experience in Law

Whitham & Tryon Law Group represents clients in family law and criminal law cases as well as individuals accused of committing crimes in both felony and misdemeanor cases. Our law group has a reputation for being aggressive in the courtroom. Having litigated thousands of cases from homicides to traffic infractions, Whitham & Tryon Law Group has the experience to represent you with any legal assistance you may need.

Criminal Law

We provide a strong criminal defense for clients accused of crimes. We engage in strategic plea negotiations with prosecutors when appropriate and prepare for every case as though we intend to take it to trial.


Family Law

We can handle cases within family general practice areas. Our law group works with you to make these difficult and emotional times as stressless as possible. We provide services in the following family law areas:


Men’s Rights

It is our focus to be advocates for men’s rights. Our attorneys understand that in many cases men do not get treated equally, especially in family law matters. Our goal is to level the playing field and represent you when you need it the most.


Our Attorneys

Criminal Defense Attorney in Grand Junction CO

Ashley Whitham

Criminal Defense Attorney in Grand Junction CO

Brandon Tryon

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