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Parental Rights in Colorado

Whitham & Tryon Law Group are here to help establish your parental rights in Colorado. Parents are not allowed to deny the other spouse access to their child. 

The state of Colorado (unless in severe cases) wants both parents to be in their child’s lives. If you have concerns regarding how much time you will have with them after the divorce. We are here to help your rights as a father.

That is why Whitham & Tryon Law Group is here to help you with the Colorado Family law. Our attorneys know the in’s and out’s of child custody law and maintain your parental rights. Our lawyers take every case for the trail and are dedicated to finding the reasonable solution that you and your spouse can live with.

Best Interests of the Child

Every decision¬†ruled in the court is made “in the best interests of the child.” Both parents have the right to time with their children unless severe circumstances¬†happen.

Child custody and visitation in Colorado is now referred to as parenting time and decision-making. Both parents if the judge allows it, can participate in decision-making, but it can also be assigned to one parent as well.

We know that the time you spend with your child is the most important thing to you. Our lawyers will sit with you to discuss your situation and your goals moving forward. No case is the same and every family is different.

You Have A Right To See Your Child

If you need help with parental rights, speak with one of our attorneys to begin building your defense. Let Whitham & Tryon Law Group help with your case today.


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